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Gas Stations

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Gas Station
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When you pull up to a full serve gas station an attendant should run to your aid guiding you to the pump like you’re a Boeing 747. He’ll tell you where to park and when to stop.

When he comes to the window say: Regyuraa mantan genkin onegaishimasu” which means “fill it up with regular and I’ll be paying cash.

Gas Station Vocabulary
English Romaji Japanese
Gas petrol station Gasorin sutando ガソリンスタンド
Petrol Gasorin ガソリン
Regular Regyuraa レギュラー
Fill it up Mantan 満タン
Cash Genkin 現金
Please Onegaishimasu お願いします
High Octane Haioku ハイオク
Diesel Keiyu / diizeru 軽油/ディーゼル
Member Kai-in 会員
Discount Enbiki 円引