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Reading Medical Packet

Welcome to the reading instructions on a medical packet in Japanese page. Click on the English to link to a video of the phrase.
Reading Instructions on a Medical Packet
English Romaji Japanese
dosage youryou 用療
directions youhou 用法
adult seijin / otona 成人・大人
solution you eki 溶液
water mizu
every goto
2 times a day ichi nichi nikai 一日二回
3 times a day ichi nichi sankai 一日三回
4 times a day ichi nichi yonkai 一日四回
3 times a day every 8 hours ichi nichi sankai hachikikan goto 一日三回8時間
every hour ichi jikan goto 1時間毎
every other day kaku jitsu 隔日
has necessary hitsuyou ni oujiru 必要に応じる
before meals shoku zen 食前
after meals shoku go 食後
hours after the last meal shokkan 食間
at bedtime minji 眠時
a half hanbun 半分
by mouth keikouteki 経口的
as instructed by the doctor ishi no shiji douri 医師の指示通り