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Welcome to the Emergency & health page. Below is an example of a 119 emergency call. Remember to speak slowly when you tell them your name and address. Click on the English to link to a video of the phrase.
Emergencies (Call 119)
English Romaji Japanese
This is the Fire Department. Is this a fire or an emergency call? Shobosho desu. Kaji desu ka? Kyukyu desu ka? 消防署です。火事ですか?救急ですか?
This is an emergency. Help. Kyukyu desu. 救急です。
What’s wrong? Doushimashitaka? どうしましたか?
I have injured myself. Kega o shimashita. 怪我をしました。
I have burnt myself. Yakedo o shimashita. 火傷をしました。
A family member has collapsed. AKazoku ga taoremashita. 家族が倒れました。
They are not responding. Ishiki ga arimasen. 意識がありません。
It is a car accident. kotsujiko ni arimashita. こつ事故にありました。
What is your address? Nani-ku, nani-cho, nan-ban, nan-go desuka? 何区、何丁、何番、何互ですか?
My address is (insert your address). xx-ku, xx-chome, xx-ban, xx gou, xxx biru. xx区、xx丁目、xx番、xx号、xxビル。
What is your phone number? Denwa bango wa? 電話番後は?
My phone number is xxx-xxxx-xxxx. xxx-xxxx-xxxx desu. xxx-xxxx-xxxxです。
Call a doctor! Isha o yonde kudasai! 医者を呼んでください
Call the police! Keisatsu o yonde kudasa! 警察を呼んでください!
Help! Tasukete! 助けて!
Watch out! Ki o tsukete! 気をつけて

Important Medical Web Links & Phone Numbers
Information about medical institutions as well as about the medical and health insurance system in Japan are provided by our staff who speak foreign languages.


Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center (Tokyo-to Hoken Iryo Joho Center)
Open daily:9:00AM-8:00PM
Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish
Emergency Translation Services (For medical purposes only)
Interpretation service through phone is also available for foreign patients visiting a hospital if their treatment is not going to be carried out smoothly because of language difficulty.
Open weekdays 5:00PM-8:00PM Weekends and Holidays: 9:00AM-8:00PM
Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish


The police in Japan are well trained in dealing with people and are less intrusive than our north american counter-parts. Nevertheless, If you have done something wrong and didn’t realize it you can usually play the gaijin card (foreigner) to get out of the sticky situation.

However, if you find yourself in serious trouble never explain yourself in Japanese. Always use English and demand that they contact the embassy and get you a lawyer.

*Note – You can legally be incarcerated for 23 days before you are charged; however, you can see a lawyer after 48 hours of detention. If you sign a confession you will be convicted.

Dealing with Authority
English Romaji Japanese
I haven’t done anything (wrong). Nani mo warui koto shitemasen. 何も悪いことしてません。
It was a misunderstanding. Gokai deshita. 誤解でした。
Where are you taking me? Doko e tsurete yukuno desuka? どこへ連れて行くのですか?
Am I under arrest? Watashi wa taiho sareteruno desuka? 私は逮捕されてるのですか?
I am a citizen of ____. ____ no kokumin desu. ____ の国民です。
I want to meet with the ____ embassy. ____ taishikan to awasete kudasai. ____ 大使館と会わせて下さい。
I want to meet with a lawyer. Bengoshi to awasete kudasai. 弁護士と会わせて下さい。
Can it be settled with a fine? (Use caution with this statement.) Bakkin de sumimasuka? 罰金で済みますか?