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Prepositions & Particles

Welcome to the Japanese prepositions and particles page. Click on the English to link to a video of the phrase.
English Romaji Japanese
on ue
under shita
left hidari
right migi
in naka
outside soto
front mae
back / behind ishiro 後ろ
between aida
facing / across from mukai 向かい
next to tonari
nearby soba
around mawari 回り
side yoko
Japanese Romaji Explanation
wa topic marker
ga subject marker
o direct object marker
ni static location marker
e directional marker
de by means of marker
mo also marker
to and marker, quote marker
ya and/etc. marker
から kara from marker
まで made until marker
より yori comparison marker
no many uses mostly as a possessive particle, verb and adjective nominalizer
Sentence-Final Particles
ka question/doubt particle
ne agreeance particle
yo affirmative particle
wa agreeance/exclamation particle, used almost exclusively by females
ze agreeance particle, used mostly by men
zo Emphasizes one’s opinion, used mostly by men
no emphatic question particle, used mostly by children and women
なあ naa indicates emphasis, question, or reflection