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Air Conditioning Vocabulary

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Air Conditioning

Air conditioners in Japan are a must and not knowing how to use one when you’re freezing cold or burning hot can ad to frustration levels.

Each air condition unit is different but the terms below should aid in your comfort of getting the heat or cold you need.

Air Conditioner (remote control) Vocabulary
Air-Conditioning Eakon エアコン
Air-Conditioning Reibou 冷房
Automatic Jidou 自動
Cancel Torikeshi 取消
Change Operation Unten kirikae 運転切換
Change Wind Quantity Kazamuki kirikae 風向切換
Conserve Power Shou pawa 省パワ
Dehumidification Jyoshitsu 除湿
Dry Air Dorai ドライ
Enter Iri
Heater Danbou 暖房
Hi Power Haipawa ハイパワ
Operate Unten 運転
Pleasant Sleep Kaimin 快眠
Quantity Ryou
Reset Risetto リセット
Room Temp Shitsuon 室温
Self Clean Naibu kuri-n 内部クリーン
Sensor Taikan 体感 センサー
Stop Teishi 停止
Stop Kiri
Strong Wind Kyoufuu 強風
Swing Suingu スイング
Temperature Ondo 温度
Test Operation Shunten 試運転
Timer Taima- タイマー
Ventilation Soufuu 送風
Weak Wind Jakufuu 弱風
Wind Direction Kazamuki 風向