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Offensive Language

Welcome to the offensive language page. Click on the English to link to a video of the phrase or click on the audio to listen to a native Japanese speaker pronounce the phrase. On this page are the following categories: Dating & Friends, Making future plans, Talking about yourself, Talking about others, Asking for permission and Offensive Language
Offensive Language
English Romaji Japanese
Fool baka バカ バカ
Idiot Aho アホ アホ
Doing something untimely manuke まぬけ まぬけ
A slow person noroma のろま のろま
Being bad at something heta へた 下手
Being very bad at something hetakuso へたくそ 下手糞
A stingy person kechi けち ケチ
An old man jijii ジジイ ジジイ
An old woman babaa ババア ババア
Not being cool dasai ダサイ ダサイ
Fussy or depressing uzai ウザイ ウザイ
Creepy kimoi キモイ キモイ
Drop dead! kutabare くたばれ くたばれ
Get out of the way! doke どけ どけ
Noisy! urusai< うるさい/td> うるさい
Shit kuso くそ
Pervert sukebe スケベ スケベ