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Japanese Taxes

2010 Income TaxPaying taxes in Japan can be quite simple – you just go to your local tax office with all your forms, deductions and receipts and someone there will help you fill out the form.Deductions: You can deduct a wide range of things from your taxes:

– Rent
– Medical Insurance
– Transportation: car, motorbike, gas, train, taxis
– Clothes: dry cleaning, shoes, ties, shirts, etc…
– Household bills: cell phone, land line, electricity, gas, water, internet
– Entertainment: dinner, lunch, breakfast, movies, seminars

The list goes on. Be creative when it comes to tax time and get the most from your return.

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The year 2010 Income Tax Heisei 22 nenbun no shotokuzei no kakuteki-kakutei 平成 22 年分の所得税のの確定申告事
Address Jyuusho 住所
Full Name Shimei 氏名
Gender – Male – Female Seibetsu – otoko – onna 性別- 男 – 女
Date of birth seinen gappi 生年月日
Telephone Number Denwa Bangou 電話番号
Your house – office – cell phone Jitaku – kinmusaki – keitai 自宅 – 勤務先 – 携帯
Green Area
Income Revenue Shuunyu kingaku 収入金額
Work Jigyou 事業
ア)Business and so on Eigyou nado 営業等
イ)farmer Nougyou 農業
ウ)Real Estate Person Fudousan 不動産
エ)Interest Rishi 利子
オ)Dividend Haitou 配当
カ)Earned Income (white tax slips from companies) Kyuuyo 給与
Miscellaneous Zatsu
キ)Old Age Pension and so on Kouteki nenkin nado 公的年金等
ク)Other Income So no ta その他
Total Income Sougou jyouto 総合譲渡
ケ)Short Term Tanki 短期
コ)Long Term Chouki 長期
サ)One time Ichiji 一時
Blue Area
Income Amount shotoku kingaku 所得金額
Work Jigyou 事業
1) Business and so on Eigyou nado 営業等
2) Farmer Nogyou 農業
3) Real Estate Person Fudousan 不動産
4) Interest Rishi 利子
5) Dividend Haitou 配当
6) Earned Income (white tax slips from companies) Kyuuyo 給与
7) Miscellaneous Zatsu
8 ) To be discovered
9) Total Goukei 合計
Red Area
Deductions taken from income shotoku kara sashihiku kareru kingaku 所得から差し引かれる金額
10) Miscellaneous deductions Zatsuron Koujo 雑論考所
11) Medical deductions Iryouhi koujo 医療費控除
12) Social Insurance fee* Shakai hoken ryou koujo 社会保険料控除
Unemployment Insurance ** Shitsugyou hoken koujo 失業保険控除
13) Private small company * Shoukibo kigyou kyousai kakekin koujo 小着歩企業共済掛け金控除-小規模企業共済掛け金
14) Life Insurance fee Seimei hoken ryou kojou 生命保険料控除
15) Earthquake Insurance fee Jishin hoken ryou koujo 地震保険料控除
16) Donations Kifukin koujo 寄付金控除
18) Widow kafu 寡婦
19 / 20) Working Student / Handicap Kinrou gakusei / Shougaisha 勤労学生 / 障碍者障害者
21) Dependant Wife Haiguusha koujo 配偶者控除
22) Low Income Wife Haiguusha tokubetsu koujo 配偶者特別控除
23) Dependant Family Fuyoukoujo 扶養控除
24) Basic Subtractions Kisokoujo 基礎控除
25) Total Goukei 合計
Purple Area and beyond is to be continued…