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How to sell your house in Japan

This page contains information about how to sell your house in Japan.
We are currently selling our house in Japan so I will be updating this as we go.

Real Estate Agent

First you need to find a good real estate agent. We saw three real estate agents. Finding a good one can be a challenge but we lucked out. We are using Sumitomo.


15,000 = Stamp charges to affix to a real estate sales contract (不動産売買契約書に貼付する印紙代)
65,000 + 3 % = Real Estate Fee (仲介手数)
20,000 = Erasion expenses such as the mortgage, judicial scrivener fee (抵当権等の抹消費用,司法書士手数料)
5% = Tax


If you had a house up for sale at 38,800,000 the total expenses for selling the house would be:

1,228,500 yen

Getting Started

The real estate agent will come to your house and take pictures. Make sure your house and yard are clean.

House Viewing

The agent will set up times to show your house. You will also have an open house as well. There are guide lines on how you should act that I will update later.

I’ll write more as we go through the process.

Good luck selling your house!