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Exchange Rate

Welcome to the Exchange rate page.

Welcome to the Exchange rate page.
As you can see, the yen is super strong today making it a great currency to get paid in. If you have student loans from countries like America, Canada and Europe; now is the time to come to Japan. But why is the yen so strong today? Here are a few answers:

“Yen interest rates are at 0.1 percent, the lowest in the world. The two things that determine the strength of a currency are its trade cash flows and its investment cash flows. Japan has a trade surplus, which means when the funds from overseas sales are repatriated, the Japanese have to buy yen. This keeps the currency strong.” Laurence Hayward, SVB.com

Another reason is that the Japanese banks have been through this type of crisis during the burst of the bubble in 1989. They learnt from their lesson and were not invested in the subprime mortgage fiasco. However, another reason could be that Japan is the 3rd strongest economy in the world and therefore is a strong nation economically. They can weather the storm as it were. The two safest currencies during times of crisis are the Swiss Franc and the Yen. Either case, making yen now can and paying back persistent loans is a win win situation.