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This page contains information about Japan.
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Broken Jr. A crazy old anime about wrestlers from around the world.
Book Reviews
Dreamland Japan – Frederik L. Schodt Scodt teaching his readers how to read manga and enjoy it.
Japan’s Sex Trade – Peter Constantine Peter Constantine looks into the secret sex trade in Japan.
Pink Samurai – Nicholas Bornoff Bornoff takes his readers through the history of sex in Japan.
Sumo, A Pocket Guide – David Shapiro Shapriro teaches his readers how to enjoy sumo.
The Last Shogun – Ryotaro Shiba Shiba shows how the shongun era ended and and how the Meji era began.
Bon Odori Festival – A mixture of cultures Great festival celebrating death.
Category: Immigration
How to sponsor yourself in
I go through my expriences of getting a visa in Japan
Immigration from Japan to Canada I look into how a Japanese person can immigrate from Japan to Canada.
How to get a Japanese Motorcycle Licence My experience of how I got my drivers licence in Japan.
Registering a Motor Bike in Japan How to register a my motor bike in Japan
Yahoo Auctions Japan: Buying a Motorbike in Japan How to buy something on Yahoo Auctions in Japan
Charm of a woman Kaji Meiko’s song from the 70’s that became popular through Kill Bill.
Mika Nakashima’s Yuki No Hana Famous singer in Japan
The Flower of Carnage Kaji Meiko’s song from the 70’s that became popular through Kill Bill.
Tokyo Living
Buying a House in Tokyo How to buy a house in Japan.
How to eat sushi Funny video on how to eat sushi.
How to Rent Your House in Japan How to rent your house in Japan.
How to set up a stock trading account as a non-Japanese If you’re interested in trading check out this page.
Japanese Government Change Changing government can bring new changes.
Japanese Secret Service Agencies All about the secret service in Japan.
Jobs in Japan How to get a job in Japan.
Tales from Tokyo Stories from the captial.
Taxes in Japan How to pay your taxes in Japan.
The cost of renting a place in Japan Renting a house in Japan.
Tokyo Train System Al about the trains in Tokyo.
Tour De Tokyo: Tokyo in 10 Hrs A ten hour bike trip around the capital.
Tokyo Night Life
Ballroom Dancing – The Mambo Ballroom dancing in Japan.
Club Asia – Shibuya A club in Shibuya I went to.
Golf Driving Ranges in Tokyo, Japan How to play golf in Japan.
Shinagawa Aquarium If you’re interested in fish you have to come here.
Tokyo Karaoke If you’re moving to Tokyo brush up on your Karaoke!