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Japanese Secret Service Agencies
This page contains information about Japanese secret service agencies.
In my quest for better understanding Japan i decided to look into its secret service branches. This is what i have found so far:

Kantei 官邸

These thugs are the prime minister’s private security detail. These guys mainly look after the prime minister’s safety, but of course, this requires intelligence.


These guns for hire work for the Minister of Foreign Affairs that in turn work for or with the CIA depending on how you look at it.

Prefectural Police Departments

There are about 258,000 kevlar wearing gun slingers around Japan. These modern day cowboys all carry six shooters and batons.

Jietai 自衛隊

With an annual budget of 44 billion dollars, these 239,000 strong army dreamers work for Japan’s Self Defense Force. They are fully equipped just like a regular army.   (Apparently, this 44 billion dollars is just 1% of the annual GDP which means that Japans annual GDP is 4.3 trillion dollars.  Show me the math!)

Kougou Keisatsu 皇宮警察本部

These National Police Agency Imperial Guard human shields are the front line for the Emperor and his fam.

Keisatsu Chou 警察庁

Not to be confused with the local police, these storming Norman National Police Agency generals are the brains behind the madness in the event of an emergency. They have jurisdiction over the 47 prefectural (state or province) police departments.

Keibu Bu

The Police Guard Division of the Keisatsu Chou.  They keep an eye on subversive right and left wing groups.

Kouan-chousacho 公安調査庁

These Public Security Intelligence Agency license to kill mobsters are the closest thing to Japan’s FBI. They have tanks and fighter jets. Apparently they are untouchable and somewhat not talked about. They look into both domestic and international affairs. Most of what they do is kept secret from the population.

Gokudou 極道

Your friendly local mafia. These urban warriors, also known as Yakusa, are said to have direct links to local governments and are considered to be somewhat a legitimate business. There are five main families. For more information, go here.

Economic Corporate Espionage Agencies

Japan Economic Research Center, J.E.R.C

First set up in 1917 to acquire technology from abroad.

Ministry of International Trade Industry, M.I.T.I.

This agency was set up to communicate between the government and industry.

Institute of Industrial Protection, I.I.P.

A school to train spies for espionage and counter-espionage

Keidanren, Federation of Economic Organizations

Electronics Industry Deliberation Counsel, a branch in the M.I.T.I.